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Pease Porridge?

My name is Barbara Pease, and I call my business Pease Porridge because, like the namesake soup, my art encompasses a little of this and a little of that



As we humans increasingly impact our beautiful world, I am trying to do at least a little to lessen my footprint. My soaps are wrapped in biodegradable shrink film, and because I can't reliably source eco certified palm oil, I don't use it. 

Silk is basically a cottage industry, providing income for subsistance farmers  in India, Bengladesh, Thailand and China. The problem is that farmers are relying on inorganic fertilizers to increase the yield of mulberry trees used as feed for the caterpillars, and they are also burning bio-fuel (wood) to warm the silkworm rearing rooms. Right now the price of organic silk would make the cost of my scarves prohibitive, but I am looking into organizations involved in sustainable farming and alternative fuels.



I will donate 10% of my gross retail sales to charitable organizations working to protect natural habitats, biodiversity and sustainable agricultural practices. 

My current top picks are RAINFOREST TRUST for conservation of tropical rainforest ecosystems and CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL for sustainable development.

They both have earned 4 stars on Charity Navigator.

If you know of an organization working on these issues that you think should be on my list, please let me know!

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Questions or comments?

Feel free to send me a message. I am available for commissions as well as for shows. I always love to hear what viewers think of my work. I look forward to hearing from you. 



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